Link to download the ready app.

Does anyone know if there is a specific link for the user to download the app when it is ready?

When you click “Publish” Glide will assign a link that you can share to users to download the app. You can change that link, or link to your own custom domain.

The idea would be to place a banner or button with the action of opening the link to download the app

The Published URL is the app. If the user is using Chrome on Android, or Safari on IOS, and they visit the url, they will see the app, but also be prompted to install the PWA app to the homescreen. These are still self contained apps, but they are also still web based apps that run on top of the browser engine.

Just want to be clear the web PWA’s are much different than Google Play APK’s and Apple Store IPA’s. These apps aren’t “downloaded” in the sense that there is an actual file to download. It’s just like visiting a website via the url.


Thank you for your attention.