Open link in browser rather than app

I know that the PWA is already on a chrome browser it self but it would be nice to give us “Gliders” the control over the behaviour of opening the link out of the PWA to give the user the choice to share a certain page while browsing the link from glide

Not sure about Android, but you can already do that with IOS. When the external page opens in the web view, there is a share icon at the bottom. Tap on that, and you get options to copy the link, or share directly with another app.

In android it stays in the PWA and you can’t even copy the address nor having any control over that view and it behave as if its a webview in the PWA which seems great however sometimes you need to enable it in circumstances where you need the user to have Control over it

This is needed. Bumping this page. I made a URL and it will only work when opining in browser. Is there a workaround for this? using some script?