Open URL from other app in PWA

Hello. I have question about opening PWA app.

I have created app on glide and I send email notification to customers when there is any updates on the app.

However, the app link always open up in default browser(in my case safari) not in PWA which I added to home screen. It is annoying because It always ask me to login again. Is there any ways to open url in PWA?

I’ve googled a bit and other Native app use “web app manifest” but I don’t see that in setting and I’m kinda new to web dev so please help🥺

Thank you!

I believe it will open up in the PWA once they’ve upgraded to iOS16.4 (currently in beta).

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Thank you for your reply!

I have iOS16.4(developer beta) and the problem is still not fixed…
Since Apple added notification features for PWA, I hope they will fix this too.