Device / Web Share Target

Hi there,

Does anyone have a solution (with Glide / third party or custom) that lets you create a ‘Share Target’ between apps.

Use case - Within Spotify on my iOS Device and mobile app - I want to click share on a playlist - and my Glide app to appear within the share / search options - as I want a form within my Glide app to capture to shared playlist URL -

There’s a manual way with copy / paste - but would be great to have less friction and share directly from an app into a Glide app.

There’s a solution with Progressier but that’s for Webflow/Bubble/Adalo etc

Had looked through the forum here but couldn’t find anything.


I have no experience with this, but I wonder if the PWA is converted to a store version (App Store/Google Play) then it would allow you to do something like that.

What does Progressier consider a viable PWA to integrate a “web share target”. How are Webflow/Bubble/Adalo apps differed to Glide in that regard?

And say when you’re allowed to “share” something to a Glide app, how do you imagine it would work? Sharing to me means creating an object, say a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet, it seems like you’re trying to populate a field in a form instead?


Thanks for getting back to me.

A Conversion to app could be a solution - will look into it.

You are exactly right - when I mean ‘Share’ - I mean populate a URL field of a form.

The user journey would be:

On Spotify Mobile App - Natively click share
Mobile Share options aware - I’d like my PWA to be in here
That opens my PWA and populates a URL field in a Form
Then click Submit on my Form
etc etc

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If it means populating a specific field in a Glide form then I’m afraid it’s too complex to be done, but again I have no experience with Web Share Target so please let us know how it goes. Thank you!

Ok thanks I will do - While I started the build in Glide - as a frictionless sharing feature is crucial I’m going to move over to an Adalo / Progressier build as they have what I need.

Thanks for the help and I point the team from Glide as this and add Web Target Share into their road map.


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Great, thanks a lot for sharing this!