Add more to signup

Hi, there!
Is there a way to add more fields to sign up or any other method like it? So users can register username and such at the same time?

Is email the only authentication also?

No, you can’t add anything else to the sign in screen.

The only authentication methods are email with pin, or Google authentication.

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Ok, thanks.

Is all data secure in glide sheets if I open the app publicly?

Someone with the right knowledge can access a lot of the data once they are inside of the app. There’s a lot of ways to protect data security, but it depends on what you are trying to do.

I suggest reading through this to understand data security.

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check out the sign up screen in my app

I think @OnlineNorwegian meant the native “sign in” screen, while you’re talking about an onboarding screen.

I tried signing into your app, the native sign in screen has only the email field as expected. Then on your onboarding screen you can add as many fields as you want.


so till me @ThinhDinh is there anyway to sign in using email and password or maybe username and password in the native sign in screen ???

No, you can’t, as of now.

No, that’s not supported, and trying to do it yourself is very strongly discouraged.
The problem is that once you try to implement your own username/password authentication mechanism, then all security flies out the window, and you risk exposing all of your users passwords.