Add Additional Fields to Login

It would be great to allow the addition of additional fields to login so that we could use those to filter on data. Use case: Allow a new user who is signing up to add their state/zip so the app can filter and show them items that match their state/zip. Thanks.

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This would be greater addition. If we could use those fields to filter data this could bring user customization to whole new level

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You could add a tab to the upper left menu where the user would have to first enter a state/zip. Using references and formulas, you could then only show relevant data throughout the app. It wouldn’t be on initial signup, but it gives the user the ability to change their settings any time they want.

You have an example of to do that?

Not exactly, but if you look at the Onboarding demo in my app, it would be a similar concept.

Just watched it on mobile and understand what you’re saying. Tomorrow will deep dive to the sheet and editor to understand your solution.

Thanks man!

Similar question… on the login page, it gathers Name and email address. However, in the “App: Logins” sheet that gets created, the only columns are the date and email address (not a “Name” column). Is there a way to get that Name data?

@JackVaughan Would really like to see this option available. For example, simply adding a Promo Code field to the sign on workflow (that then is recorded in the App: Logins tab) would allow creators to offer users special access and also track marketing efforts (e.g., promote the app at a conference and be able to track how many people came to the app through those marketing efforts).

Since we all have different use cases, it would really be awesome if the sign on page could be completely editable for each individual app and simply use the existing form builder component to add the fields most relevant to each use case in addition to the required Name and Email that is already requested.

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Yes, for sure - we are going to expand our signup process. The aim of this would be to allow you to control on-boarding as well as allow people to opt-in for privacy reasons. There are a lot of use cases that would be served by this.

Also welcome @gannonatwork! Great to see you on here.


Awesome, I think there are a lot of devs that would benefit from this type of feature and it would open up a ton of possibilities. Thanks as always to Glide for being open to suggestions. Thx

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Thanks for all the great replies.

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