Add item to linked list when no items are in relational list

I have a linked list linked with a relation column to the main list. If I have entered linked data, it will show “1 item, 2 items”, etc. But if there are no linked items, it shows nothing – no way to get to the entry screen to add a new linked item.

You’ll need to perhaps add a form button on that screen that says “add list item” and add a visibility condition to show when the relation is empty?


That seems to work to a point. It adds a row, but all with defaulted values AND I am having another requirement. I don’t want them to have to manually tie the things together. I would like the Row ID of the main list to automatically populate to the added row. In addition, I’d like them to be able to edit certain columns of the added row BEFORE it’s added. Cannot seem to do either of those things.

Use screen columns to fill in contextual data automatically (old layout, but same concept):

Well, again, when I use the ADD ROW, and select all the default values, it puts the correct Row ID in there, but I want the user to be able to EDIT the row before insertion, because, although I can default to the current date/time and user EMAIL, and ROW ID, I need them to be able to put some kind of (in the example you chose) Feedback. ADD ROW does not get me there, and if I select “Add Form” as the action, it takes me to the form where it lists ALL the items, and the user has to select the ADD (+) from there. How can I get directly to the “+” with the defaulted values already plugged in (and perhaps not even visible)?

It would help if they would update their help videos to the current release…

I guess I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

It sounds to me that you’re on a screen of some parent category (let’s say Screen A) and on Screen A you want a list of child items (A1, A2, A3 etc.) that reside in a different table but are linked via a relation (using the row ID of Screen A?). This list of child items also has some other data that you want your users to enter prior to the creation of the list item.

Is this correct?

I think what you mean is that you want to use default value’s in the form button.
Those are available for number as well as the text columns as per recent update.

That’s absolutely correct. In the future I may want them to enter more than one additional piece of information but right now I can autofill the date and the user ID and the real ID and there’s only one other piece of information I really need them to key in or supply.