Add button doesn't work - when adding new items

My app’s URL:

On the Calibration menu - When clicking on the [ + ] on the top right of the screen.
After filling up all the required info, the button [ Add ] doesn’t become active.
It only works when I select a vehicle combination that has up to 3 Axle Groups.

Video link:

You have an OBM Serial Number field that’s marked as required. You have to fill in require fields, or else take off the required check.

Hi Jeff…

Thanks, iI fixed that and found another problem that doesn’t let me add.

In the Transport operator field, when I use the search bar to look for a name, when I select the name I want after using the search bar, all the other next fields don’t work.
But if I look for the name I want by scrolling the page, not using the search bar… it seems fine.
Can you look into this, please?

Yeah I think that’s a bug.