Add a row in table with pre-filled values from another table

My use case is building a saas web app as an inventory management system for medical products.

I’m new to the no code world an do not have any code skills. i already tried different tools like adalo, softr, stackerhq,

glide works very well for me until now. but there is one function i couldn’t build:

i do have a table “product-template” with a lot of fields for one product (for example name, manufacturer., service interval…). the idea is to add a new row to the other table “products” and pre-fill most of the fields with values from the “product-template” table. at the end the user can duplicate the template product and just add unique information like “serial number” or “purchase date”.

is there a way to build this function with glide pages or glideapps?

thank you very much!


Hi, if the information in the product-template table is always tied to that specific product, I wouldn’t bring that information into another table; I would reference that item with an “Item ID”, or better, add a RowID to the product-template table and reference it by that.

Doing it that way, if any information changes like the price (or the description is updated to correct a spelling error), you don’t have the bad information in your “products” table – you can display all the other information by making a relation between the two tables based on the RowID of the product-template table.


the new product in the “products” table should not be linked to the template. i don’t want the product to be updated, when the template is changed or deleted.


thank you. i now have a inline list of the template products an when i click on a product a details form is opened, where i can add additional values and store it in the product table as destination.

this worked in the glide app. i could not find a workaround for glide pages.

unfortunetly the links you posted seems to be for an older version of glide and i could not transfer this to the newer version

Are you using a “show form” action in Glide Pages?

When you search for the column name on the left-sided panel, you should see some screen values/user profile values to automatically pass to the destination table.