Add a link on a picture

Guys Ive got this picture to add in my app, and that square over here I want to be a link:
Thank you

But the picture is all the blue and yellow or they are only the four “images” or “icons” because if they are four you can do it but if they are one picture you can only make this to tap in all the picture not in a specific zone.

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You can add an action to the image, so open link

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@PabloMFalero thats not the case. I want only that square to open the link, not the whole image.

that’s not possible. You can add an action for the image but it has to be the whole image. Not a part of it

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Maybe use some CSS and move the button to that location but aside from that you are limited to what Glide can do in this respect.

Create an inline list, 2 tiles per row. Then each image can have it’s own link if you want down the line. You will have to create separate images, however.



That’s what you can made with glide but you dont have any background there, but it’s a good solution.

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You might be able to add CSS to create a bg for it.