🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

Yes! They added that a few days ago…thanks for posting!


Would be great to have a counter for audio listening times. You can sort of do it now with these added actions by adding ‘increment’ to ‘view details’ on the button that takes you to the audio, for example, but not if people come to the page with the audio from a direct link (from outside the app) without clicking any button on Glide. (Talking about not signed-in listeners)

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  1. Find “Clear column” inside the “Set a column” action. And it just clearing the value of column, but only for one selected row. Really wait option to clear whole column (all rows) at once. 2. Please make some reminder if user dont save an action and want to exit from action builder.


The “Clear Column” action must clear a whole column and not a cell/value of a Column otherwise, it’s real name should be “Clear Value”.

We have a real problem to clear data associated to user specific-columns at any moment and a real “Clear Column” action could be the solution meanwhile.




100% agree. The wording made me believe it was clearing the whole column.


Wait, I can assign the link to the current page to a column!? :exploding_head: Now I can have “Share XYZ” as a call to action in drip email campaigns, notifications, etc. :clap:

Is it possible to deep-link to a tab?

Wish list

  • Add row -> enter a value (text, number, etc) - have to stick to integromat for multiple use cases
  • Trigger an action based on another action or timer
  • Webhook support - allow me to pass any data including page link to integromat, et al.

As of now it’s a no.

I just thought of this as well! Set the link to current page before opening details view. That would surely work.


I think current page link needs to be added as a special value as well:

xScape RC · Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets 2020-11-12 16-58-39

And while we’re at it, I’d like to be able to grab the links to all my pre-existing pages :wink:


I tried this. Works in editor (but that link is not the actual deep link, it’s the editor link) but not in the real app :frowning:

Yet another feature request: the ability for Glide to save compound actions, I have 5 buttons, and have to program what they do individually. :slight_smile:

and yes I know i can duplicate components but thats a big hassle




Just made my first custom action and I’m over the moon! :joy:
It’s just a very simple one…

…but the difference it makes in terms of user experience is huge!


Fully agree!

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@Mark Found a bug: Not a high priority tho.

What’s happening is that Glide’s trying to navigate to a column that has visibility features enabled.
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Super useful

Is it possible to set column with custom data? I want it so that when User clicks something, something updates to ‘Sure’


I think at the moment you must have a template column to do that.

Something I’d add: a timer to the notifications feature so you can choose for how long it shows. Sometimes if you write a longer message, user doesn’t have time to read it.


Thank you. Made my first multi-action.
It was a button that marked a submitted row as “Reviewed”

  1. Sent Zapier Email with Review Status
  2. Added Reviewed Date to Column
  3. Changed Status Column TRUE/FALSE Status to TRUE
  4. Make “Review Button Invisible”
  5. Make “Undo” button Visible.
    Simple and elegant. Saved me money from paying an outside company to do it. Looking forward to the day that we can send emails internally in Glide. Lord I sound greedy…LOL

Ya just can’t satisfy the Hungry beast of the Glide community.
Good Job Glide Team. This is definitely a Game changer.