🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

@david It would be extremely helpful and appropriate to apply the concept of actions to form submissions as well.


I tried to do that but couldn’t find a way to control the form submit action to pop a message other then the regular sent message.

the Add row is available only at staging for now? couldn’t find it in the production…


You can use Vimeo too


Off the top of my head following features would replace and/or simplify all of my apps integromat scripts (which do not run in real time):

  • Perform actions on form submits
  • Add / edit row and populate the cells with formula results
  • Same as above but for multiple rows (I know that’s a big ask)
  • Ability to stuff a cell with the share link of the current page
  • Webhooks

In order to ship my next feature I will need to double the amount of my integromat scripts. Building, testing and maintaining functional scripts are gnarly. It has become so daunting that I had to document them before moving on.

Intentionally illegible but happy to share upon request


Gated / Membership Content

How to gate content based on subscription using Compound Actions:


Superb! Can’t wait to try these!

Mindblown, literally. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Literally?! Ouch! :crazy_face:


Very nice use case! I may finally get around to building my subscription-based app now!


That would be a great video to comment on, if it weren’t for the fact that I was speechless :astonished:



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As of right now the actions here are the same actions currently available which may save a step or two but I’m still waiting for the add row or app navigation.

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Go Back to the Previous Screen, yes?
I have an immediate use case for that combined with an increment action, so looking forward to trying it out!

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Currently I ran into two bugs with this:

  1. The button for the “Create Action” I created - disappears when I create this type of action (if i switch back to standard options it reappears)
  2. The Actions I create get lost/ they don’t seem to be saved anywhere? (We should be able to see the list of actions that we’ve created somewhere - and they should actually be saved - I’ve lost them several times already just playing with it due to this.

yes, learnt it the hard way…


Thanks to Glide Team!

We will see a lot of thing i think in the future.

I echo this, we should have a list of actions and direct link to the view that controls it to be able to edit directly or delete it, or even duplicate it

Secondly if the action element is deleted by mistake specially when you work with multiple developers it won’t be retrieved back easily