🆕 Actions! ⚡⚡⚡

Fully agree!

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@Mark Found a bug: Not a high priority tho.

What’s happening is that Glide’s trying to navigate to a column that has visibility features enabled.
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Super useful

Is it possible to set column with custom data? I want it so that when User clicks something, something updates to ‘Sure’


I think at the moment you must have a template column to do that.

Something I’d add: a timer to the notifications feature so you can choose for how long it shows. Sometimes if you write a longer message, user doesn’t have time to read it.


Thank you. Made my first multi-action.
It was a button that marked a submitted row as “Reviewed”

  1. Sent Zapier Email with Review Status
  2. Added Reviewed Date to Column
  3. Changed Status Column TRUE/FALSE Status to TRUE
  4. Make “Review Button Invisible”
  5. Make “Undo” button Visible.
    Simple and elegant. Saved me money from paying an outside company to do it. Looking forward to the day that we can send emails internally in Glide. Lord I sound greedy…LOL

Ya just can’t satisfy the Hungry beast of the Glide community.
Good Job Glide Team. This is definitely a Game changer.


From what I hear, you won’t have to wait long. :shushing_face:


Add row Feature I’d working on the editor properly …but in my pro app it is not working…Is there issue with Add row functionality?

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@chethan_M Could you give us a support link and tell us exactly how to reproduce the problem?

Guys @Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager @Wiz.Wazeer @Manan_Mehta and all the Experts,

Can we have single point library / list of all the use-case of Compound Action, may be a separate thread so that people like me (less-creative) can use it and potentially use it in our App? or may be Glide can create library of all possible use-case of compound action taking help of Certified Experts or of all people who participates.

I understand that there will be many potential use of Compound Action.



Yeah I agree with this. So many use cases, and not only from certified experts, a thread where we post examples would be really helpful.

We can also ask Manan to include this in his app as a separate Compound tab.


To be absolutely honest with you, the only latest feature I’ve tested is show notifications. I’ve been too busy with a few things. I should be free over the weekend when I will turn my attention to compound actions to see what I can bring to it. Robert has already covered a lot of grounds!

But I agree overall we need a thread and @JackVaughan videos.

All I can tell you now having had a cursory look at it, some previously back-end stuff are one front-end. My man area of interest row and columns. Most of tother stuff we are already doing as workarounds.

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I tried doing that here: :arrow_double_down: Compound Action Examples: Contribute!

The problem with starting a new thread is that it will inevitably become littered with comments and off-topic responses, etc. Maybe a Glide app would be better?


Yrs good point

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Agree. Can we have separate Glide App for this?


Yes, that would be better.


Can we also make a set column option to set entire column except header? I see we have it currently available for “this row”. I would love to have it work to clear entire column.

That just junks up my sheet :joy:
As if I don’t have enough templates already
But that seems like the short-term solution, oh well :man_shrugging:

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Is the Glide created “New Column A” intended as a way to select the whole column?