Action : to all matching occurences, not just first one

Hi everyone,
First of all, thanks for all the tips and solutions I’ve already found in other threads !

I’m stuck with this issue :

I have a list of contacts (ALLArtists), that I want to send a custom e-mail to based on criterias, using a single button, that sends to all contacts matching the criterias.

My logic :

  • Action : if (list of contact) matches xx and yy criterias => send this custom e-mail

The button is placed above a Collection list of the “ALLArtist” data.
However it only seems to take into consideration the first row of my ALLArtist data.
Meaning : if the first Artist matches the criterias, the button is visible and once clicked, sends the e-mail to the Artist in question.
But not to the rest of the matching Artists.

My workaround for now :
If i add the same button IN the list, so on each row of Artists, then it appears for the ones matching the criterias, and I can click them one-by-one.

What should I do so that the “main button” above, actually sends to ALL matching occurences of my table ? if that’s possible…

Thanks a lot !

Instead of applying this logic in the action, create an if-then-else column that returns the email address if the matching conditions are met. Then create a joined list column that targets the if-then-else column, and use that as the recipient list in the action. You can also use it as a visibility condition on the button - only show it if the joined list column is not empty.

Hi @Darren_Murphy thanks a lot for your quick reply!

Unfortunately this solution is not appropriate for me because the e-mail is custom made for each recipient (using a Template column), so the Joined list wouldn’t be the right solution, i need to send separate e-mails. (however, this process will help me for something else, so thanks again!)

With this in mind do you have an other idea maybe ?

Thank you so much for your help,


If that’s the case, I think you would have to send it to as a JSON array.

Something like:

"email": "",
"name": "Thinh Dinh"
"email": "",
"name": "Zak Solstice"

Then loop through the array and parse the variables out to send personalized emails to recipients.