Action Set Column Values: why not work with me?

Hi, people!

I have an App that is a Poll with various features to the user to chose one, it’s easy, the user open one feature, read about it, and then click in “Quero este recurso” that means “I want this feature” so we would know wich feature our users will prefer to be developed.

The main rule is that the user need to chose one feature and then, if he comes back to the list and wanted to change its choice he can, so we will erase the previous choice and set the new one. And here is the problem, I created I new Action in the “Quero este recurso” buttom that:

If Choice is empty= if the user hasnt choose anything

  • Show notification= “Escolha salva” (choice saved)
  • Add Row= with unique identifier, current date/time and “solução” (the name of the feature)
  • Increment number= just for counting
  • Show new screen= in this screen we add two more qualitative questions to the user about his choice

Else (if choice is not empty= that means the user already had chose before)

  • Show notification= “Alterado” (changed)
  • Set Column Values= As the row is already there I thought the correct would be to Set new values to the previous row, but here is the problem, it doenst work!
  • Increment number= just for counting
  • Show new screen= same kind of screen with questions to the user about his choice

I don’t know what to do. My app is very simple, it even doens’t have login or anything (and I even can’t use login bc our users would skip the poll if they had to create a new account here)

Can anybody help me?

The link: