Action in calendar component not working

I want to use action on “item click” to “add row” to “data calendar” sheet.

My “data calendar” sheet has 4 columns:
user id;
user email.

I select “add row” in “configure action”:
select sheet “data calendar”;
date - “date”;
id user - user profile > user id;
emoji - emoji;
user email - user’s email address.
After that I click in the calendar on any of the days, enter any character in the window that opens, and click save.
After that I check what is written in my sheet. For some reason, the date is added to the sheet, the symbol that I typed is added to the emoji columns, and the rest of the columns remain empty. Perhaps I do not understand the functions of this action correctly? Help me to understand

Sounds like either:

  • Your User Profiles may not be properly configured, or
  • You are not viewing the App as a User in your User Profiles table

So I’d suggest checking both of the above. If you’re not sure, please provide screens shots of both your User Profiles configuration and your Users table, and we can help check for you.

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I don’t know where to look User Profiles configuration, but I provide a screens hot of the User table
I wipe off email on screens shot

Settings->Users and Authentication->Edit User Profiles

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I think there might be some confusion. The action you configured might be in reference to existing calendar entries, meaning entries you have already added to the calendar in the past. So if you click on an existing entry, does it add another row with all of those values filled?

If I recall, adding new entries to a calendar the native way is very limited in which fields you can actually fill.

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Yes, if you click on an already existing entry, it will duplicate this row, and even if there were no user id or user email entries in it, they will appear there.
Also i made a button with “action” “show form screen”.
when I clicked on the button in components I added values from user profile. when adding through this button, the sheet is filled in correctly. Сan i do the same but through the “action” of the calendar?

That would explain it then. The action you configured is only triggered when you click on existing items.

Like I said, adding entries through the calendar is limited. I know it’s been requested to allow expansion to be able to customize the popup entry form, so it may be in the works for the future, but for now it’s limited. Unfortunately, I think your best option is the separate form button that you created.


thanks for helping me figure it out

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