Insert a metadata component in Calendar when adding events

Hi everyone

heres the case : I build a CRM for booking event in my theatre. We are multiple user using the same calendar and I want to know who created the event inside the calendar component. The calendar view is really important because I can see if there’s already another event create by someone. I Know I can add a primary action but it ad a button and I’m loosing the calendar view.

If it would be possible to have more action and the possibility to insert metadata when you add an event directly to the calendar, it would be much easier to follow up.

Thank you very much.

-A very thankfull user !

Are you envisioning the metadata appearing in the calendar view?

E.g. the name of the user who added the event?

No, but an action inside the calendar when I click on it instead an action button on top.
The action button make me loose the view of the actual calendar which is important to shedule the right date when there’s no upcoming event for exemple.

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