Adding events to the calendar

I’ve done something to the calendar in my app and I can’t get it to go back to the way it was.

Before, I was able to add an event to the calendar by tapping a box. A entry box would pop up allowing me to add an event, including a title etc. This was a useful way to tag the cells, e.g. label the weeks of each row etc.

Now, tapping a box immediately adds an item to the box. There is no way to add a title or anything, it just adds the item. I can open the item and edit it, but that’s not the way I want it to work.

In the screenshot, the blue boxes appear whenever a cell is tapped. Before the issue, an ‘Add Event’ box would appear when a cell was tapped.

I have been through the action settings and played around but the ability to add an event seems to be gone.

When you say “a cell is tapped”, do you mean when you tap the cell of the date? Can you show us how you set up the “inline actions” and “item click” of the calendar?

Inline action

Item Click

I had the title set to a template column, switching it to a regular text column solved the issue

That’s a weird bug, but glad you got it sorted. Thanks for sharing the info.