Calendar collection

I’m trying to use calendar for an appointment management app and I am having some issues.

  1. When I have the “allow add” enabled, as soon as I click an empty space it just adds an event there.
  2. There is no delete enable/disable option on calendar, but if I drag the event off the screen it deletes it, I can not seem to prevent deletion of a row
  3. I have edit enabled, but when I try to drag the event to a different day, it just slides back to the original and does not let me change it
  4. No intuitive way to get to a desired week without scrolling. I cannot go to a specific day view from the monthly view, without going to week view, going to the desired week and then clicking the day

If you really want a working “booking app” I would use Google calendar, since it’s working great and is free!

If you need something else I would go for Tidycal. Tidycal is more or less the same as Calendly but with a low onetime fee.