Acesso de usuário

Fiz meu app no Glide e consigo ver todas as informações de minha planilha no celular depois de publicado, mas os usuários que mandei o link não conseguem ver. O que devo fazer para terem acesso as informações da planilha?

Need more information. What do other users see? Which components are you using to view the data? Do you have any filters on any screens or any lists? Do you have Row Owners applied to an email column in your data?

Apenas conseguem abrir o link. Recebem o token. Fiz apenas um filtro de data

I don’t know anything about your app, so it would help to see screenshots showing your data, the screens, and how everything is configured. My best guess is that there is a problem with a filter, visibility condition, or row owners. Those are the common sources of problems if something is not configured correctly.

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