Accessing App Created by Ex Employee

Good Day All,

I have the unfortunate circumstance of trying to gain access to an app which was made by an ex employee of my company, after something has gone wrong with the app and it is no longer functioning.

I do have access to this employees email, however, trying to login with their email address is not sending the login link as it does for my account.

Is there any way for support to move an app or copy it when it wasn’t set as a template already?

Thank you

That’s weird. I do think support can help if you prove to them that you can access the ex-employee’s email.

Please follow this instruction to submit a ticket.

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Thank you for the reply, however, as I am logged into my own account and not the account used for the business, I am not a pro user, and therefore do not have the option to submit a support ticket, or to select the app in question, as it is not listed on my account, only the account that I need access too.

I assume you have checked in Spam as well?

Yes, made sure to check that. The only thought we have is that since it’s a closed account that is just forwarding to another, that the email isn’t being passed along.

When you say “closed account”, do you mean that the email account has been deleted, or that the Glide account associated with the email address was closed?

If the Glide account was closed, then I think any Apps owned by that account would have been deleted.

If the email account was closed, can you not temporarily reinstate it?

check in spam!

Sorry, closed is probably the wrong word to use for it. It’s not a closed account, but a transferred or migrated one, where the original user no longer exists, but the email is moved under another user. They receive all the emails that are sent to the original account.
The only reason we suspect an issue with the emails moving along is because there is no login email for Glide showing up.

Okay, understood. So the original email account deleted, and the username added as an alias to another user (or similar), yes?

Again, you could probably test this theory by re-creating the users email account, yes?

Correct, with everything from that user account being moved under another.
It could be possible, I’ll see if that is an option, to recreate the account and see if the email is coming there, it just feels like an unlikely outcome as all other emails are acting as expected.