Access to saved actions

Hi Gliders,

I need help with deleting a saved action. I had a button that was linked to multiple actions. The button on clicking was

  1. Showing notification
  2. Navigating to a screen.

After deciding to delete the button as I was not happy with the result, I realised that the notification is still appearing whenever I navigate to that tab via another button press. A notification is shown from the multi step action of the deleted button…
Help will be greatly appreciated on how I can access this saved action to delete it

Are you positive that notification isn’t coming from the button you’re clicking on?

Currently, (afaik) there is no way to access saved actions other than via the component they are associated with. So if what you are seeing is really coming from an action associated with a deleted component, then I’d say that’s a bug.


Thanks Darren. I will have to check if it is indeed a bug or an underlying issue that needs sorting. In the meantime, I have resorted to hiding the button based on visibility conditions.