Searching for actions & their triggers

There is a hidden action in my app that I cant track, its called (copy of ‘x’) x is an action I regularly use and can find.
Is there a way to search the app to find which screen this action is being triggered from? I have an actions log and I see that it rarely gets called but I would like to find it and remove the screen.

i can manage to open the action and edit it, but I cannot find the screen it was triggered from or the component.

If you then save, it should throw you back to the screen that contains the component that would have triggered it.

i tried saving but it only takes me back to the same screen i was at before.
I actually found it. I should have been more patient searching. if the action is a copy of another action, it had to be somewhere very close to it or in a tab that is very similar. It was in an inline list on the same screen that was hidden and only used if the user opted for a different layout UI

Actually the behaviour on save might depend on how you got to the action in the first place.

My comment was based on experience I’ve had when I navigate to an action via Find all Uses in the Data Editor. In those cases, I find that when I subsequently save the action, instead of being thrown back to the Data Editor, I’m taken to the screen it’s attached to.

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Yes thats what I am doing. I am using the find all uses in the data editor on a column which the action uses. Thats how I got inside the action but seems like when i save I am back to the last screen (not to the action triggering screen) … weird…i just tried it again now …

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