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great. that worked Robert. Now comes the invariable next question :slight_smile:

Now that I got it working with a list, how do I add and favorite out of inline lists themselves ? Ideally my app has “event listing” (list) as well as 2 inline lists “photo albums from prior events” & “videos from prior events”. I have the favorites lookup from event listing working well now, but would like the users to be able to favorite photos and albums too as we have 100s of prior events the users might be interested in going and watching

If I understand right, you have to create different “Favorites” inline lists for that, because your data looks like it comes from different sheets, right?

Yes, the data comes from different sheets, but I can’t seem to find a way to add all 3 favorite inline lists to show up under the same favorite tab. Do I then have to create multiple favorite tabs ?

As I stated, can you try adding 3 separate inline lists for 3 sources? You can show them under a tab in a details layout.

Sorry, I did create separate inline lists

This one works –
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 8.56.36 PM

While this doesn’t…

Can I have a link to your app so I can have a better understanding of your layout? Thank you.

This is my workaround to be able to see and keep track of all other user’s favorites. While not ideal this is what I use until we get the new functionality @JackVaughan.

For this example think about a simple list of fruits, where each fruit has a unique identifier. Of course, also public with email should be enabled:

  1. Create a new sheet where your columns are email, rowid and flag, let’s call this sheet “Favorites”. This is where the app will keep track of every user and its favorited fruits.
  2. Go to and create a new zap. When triggered it should search/update a given email & rowid combination from your ‘Favorites’ spreadsheet.
  • If a match is found set flag = 1
  • If a match is not found then insert a new row with the email, rowid and flag = 1
  1. Then back in Glide add a button or action text, etc to trigger the previous Zap event when a fruit is selected and pass the user’s email and the selected fruit’s rowid. When pressed you will get a new record in the the “Favorites” spreadsheet.

Addtional functionlity - Remove from favorites

  1. Go back to and create another zap that will again search for an email, rowid combination, but now when a match is found update the flag column to 0.

  2. Then back in Glide add a button, action text, etc to trigger the Zap event to remove the fruit from favorites.

  3. Use the visibility feature to either show the “Add to Favorites” button or the “Remove from Favorites” from the screen based on the Favorites flag value by creating a relationship column between your Fruit’s sheet and the Favorites sheet.

The drawback here is the time that it takes for the Google Sheet to reload; so this works better on pro apps.

I would like to create a button where favorites will live behind. Do I just create a favorites sheet, to use for the details style, but actually create inline lists from the different sheets with favorites on them? The favorites sheet will have no other information that dummy headers.

Also, what if a sheet has three different columns which are used for favorites?

If the above is correct (I’m unsure if the dummy Favorites sheet part is correct) I was able to create inline lists for two sheets. Another sheet has three columns which can be favorited within the app. I didn’t see any favorite columns populate in this one.

Any updates on this?
I really need to be able to see people’s favorites easily/fast.

No updates—it’s impossible to see favorites data—it’s user specific.

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:frowning: It is quite unfortunate, us having an easy view of every user’s favorites would really help speed up the analysis of things that person x likes more and so we could provide offers or help us prepare bundles of favorites items for person x .

The “view as” user X is really not efficient and not mobile.

To quickly know what your users like the most is essential to serve them efficiently.

I really wish Glide could offer us an option regarding this.

You can adjust that to a setup that when the user clicks a custom “Favorite” button, it would write a new row in a helper sheet with info about the post that the user liked, and the user’s email/ID. It won’t be nice for your row count though, but that’s the most straightforward way.

Ya…custom built solution always possible…trebuchet will save the rows.

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