Question. Since multiple components can’t write to the same column in sheets (which would be dope to have), I’ve used favorites instead.

The only issue is, where is all the data for favorites being stored? And is there a way to create a google sheet to house that data for each relevant user?

Can you explain what you mean by having multiple components writing to the same column? Multiple components can write to the same column, but the last one mostly will win. I have a single value that I set from either a text entry component or a choice component. If you are talking about multiple users writing to a single column cell, then there is a User Specific Data column in staging, but I highly doubt it would write the results to the spreadsheet.

Favorites are stored internally by Glide. There have been requests for access to favorites and there is an active request in:

Thanks for you’re response!

So the example of multiple components writing to the same colomn is in the following use case:

Say I want a user to select a choice. Yet I want to give them the option of selecting more than one choice. If I add another choice component, I want to direct its input to the same cell in a specific sheet relative to that user(ideally, separated by a comma for each choice).

Essentially, is there another option for “multi-select component” instead of adding a copy of the same choice component and routing it to the same cell?

Definitely would love to have access to the favorites data or for it to be stored to a connect sheet, similar to the AutoLogin sheet. Hope to see it soon.


There isn’t a true multi-select, at least not yet. What I would do is create multiple components that write to separate columns. Then use a template column to join them all together. The only problem is you could end up with multiple commas grouped together if there are gaps between the selected items. You could get around this by using a series of if then columns and template columns. Or you could use an arrayformula in the sheet with if’s to join everything together.

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I figured an arrayformula from sheets was the only other way. Great idea to activate template columns for now at least. Thanks Jeff!

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Checking to see if there is an update on accessing the favorites data. I want to create a component where users can see who else has ‘favorited’ that particular item. How do I store that info in a column somewhere in the Glide Table?

You would have to create your own favorite flow, I think basically using the trebuchet method to store a list of userIDs that has favorited an item.

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