Access only by employees

I am creating my first app. it is for tour operator. We are required to ask COVID question before customers check in as well as before employees start their shit.

I first created one for customers. The customer part if working fine.

Then I added the employee section on the side menu, which is working fine. but I want to restrict the access of that menu or the form only to the employees.

Since we have only little over 10 employees, I added their name on the sheet for the employee form, and set restriction as to if their name is listed in the name column, people can’t open the form.

I would like to be able to set as employee logs in using their email, then the employee section are visible. Is it possible to do that?


In the user profiles, you can have a boolean column to check if the email is your employee. Set the tab visibility to Employee Boolean is true.

Use filtering and a Boolean function in the account section then manually give the accounts access to the page. You could also use an email whitelist function with an if then else for filtering on the ‘admin’ page

I hope you mean ‘start their shift’! :joy:


Lol. shift

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I have encounter another issue…

My app has 2 sections.
1 for customers which is everything in the Tabs
2 for employees which is everything in the Menu on left.

1 is working fine.
2 is where I set whitelist. Setting whitelist hid the menu from customers. However, trying to log in, we are not getting PIN to access it. I’ve read that many people are having issue with PIN. I wonder if I would need to create another app for employees only.

Any suggestion?

Do you mean the actual whitelist option for the whole app?

No I did whitelist for the menu items which show up on the left expanded section. So employee has to sign in to see those items.