Gating only some of the sections with Email + Password

I’m working on an app where there is a need to gate only some sections.

Most sections will be publicly accessible (no email required to access the app), however if you want to access a specific component, you will be asked to identify yourself with your email and a password (or, through an email whitelist).

It is a useful use case for those apps that have premium content dedicated only to paid users.

Has anyone achieved anything similar?

Check this article:

However, customer journey is a bit different.
Users log-in with email, and you whitelist certain users to be able to see the premium content.

That’s a different use case though.

I would like only a subset of authenticated users to be able to access specific sections within the app.


You should be able do this with component visibility.

  • Have a profiles tab/ sheet
  • Then set visibility for the component you want hidden in your tab to: if 'user signed in = column user type = premium"
  • Then have a text component that’s only visible the other way around, saying to access this section “please sign up to view …”.

Good luck!

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Thanks George, will give it a shot.

In case instead you would like to ask for email to access specific TABS instead? No password required, I only want the user to leave an email if he wants to get access to a certain component.

Visibility will be at the component level.
You may be looking at the screen features.