Showing a component to 50% of users (or those predefined as 'treatment group'


I plan to run an academic experiment using Glide as a smartphone meal-tracking app intervention.

I require a way of making feature X visible only to email addresses/users tagged as ‘intervention’. Signed-in users tagged as ‘control’ should not see feature X.

My problem: This seems to only be possible by querying emails in advance from the same tab that the ‘get started’ form’s destination is defined as, but doing this means the ‘get started’ button (see below) will no longer show to any user who has not yet filled out the necessary form upon opening the app.

My current setup:

(I will either use Email whitelist for my pre-screened participants, or allow general sign-in with email)

T0 ANSWERS TAB serves as the homepage upon signing in, which will direct new users to a ‘get started’ form button (conditional visibility set to "“show component when ‘Email’ isn’t signed-in user”)

  • This form asks some questions about meals over the last 7 days and importantly is the flow where I want 50% of participants to be prompted to write out their own form of “action plan” based on their dietary goals. Their email + form responses are then sent to destination “T0 ANSWERS” tab)

If I use email whitelist in my pro app, is there a way to set this feature x component on the form page based on an assigned ‘group’ column from a separate ‘USERS’ tab (currently visibility only allows me to query columns from the T0 ANSWERS tab)? I realise I could just add in advance all the emails/assigned groups to the T0 ANSWERS tab, but then the ‘get started’ button will not show as technically every user will be a ‘signed-in user’ based on its email column.

In a nutshell, I want to be able to 1) ensure all first-time participants see the ‘get started’ button that then disappears once the initial form has been filled out and 2) find a mechanism to selectively make visible feature X to only the pre-designated ‘intervention’ users of the app.

I appreciate your help, thank you!

Not sure I fully understand your problem, but can’t you just assign a “Type” column in the “User profiles” tab (after enabling user profiles) and use that column for conditional visibility?

Thanks for your quick reply!

Feature X is a section of the form that users fill in, which means that Glide doesn’t let me choose visibility based on a column from a different tab e.g. USERS. It only offers visibility based on columns from the ANWERS tab, hence my issue.

As if I use emails pre-added to the answers tab, the get started button won’t appear to all new users who haven’t yet filled out the form.


Here is my “Email test” tab, I have a form button. Visibility can be chosen based on an information from the “User profiles” tab. Does that help?

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Thinh, your help has been invaluable - thanks! I never knew that creating a separate user tab would allow me, if configured properly, to change visibility across any component. I followed some of the details in the User profile help page too.

I can now easily only show feature X in the form by editing the visibility to Show component when (user tab) group is Intervention AND email = signed-in user.

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Yes that’s what I mean! Glad you found a way to solve it. Have a nice day.