About agency plan

Hi guys,

I want to know more about the agency plan. If I am an agency, when I develop a Glideapp for my client, I need to create a new account and purchase for each new client, am I right?

After I purchase an agency plan, does it mean any new app development for the new clients, they will also be entitled to a 30-day free trial when I create a new account for them.

Thanks for helping in advance.

When using the Agency plan, you have to create teams for your clients. When you create a team with the “Client team” toggle switched on, the new team will be on a 30-day Business trial and the team ID will be assigned to you so you can get revenue sharing from the team.

In order to get on the Agency plan you have to be a Glide Expert. If you are not an Expert, you can always enroll in the program in your Glide profile settings. The Agency plan is available to all Glide Experts until Feb 23, and typically it is available to Glide Certified Experts only.


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