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Hi, if running an agency and building an app for clients, once the app is developed, I will ask them to sign up with my referral link. However, if I want them to pay our agency and I pay Glide (as I will include some development service fee), what would be the best way, please? Should I use my email to create the account and settle the payment for them first, once they pay me, I remove my email from the app and add their email to it. Or are there any suggestions for it if I want to run an agency?

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The recommended way to run an Agency is to purchase an Agency Plan.

You can then create new teams for your clients with 30 day trials, build an App in that team for your client, and transfer ownership of the team to your client once you are done.


Thanks, Darren. Yes, I am on an agency plan already. Just to be clear, does it mean I will settle the payment with my credit card and I charge my client afterwards?

When you create a new team with an Agency Plan, you get a 30 day trial with no credit card required. Ideally, you would transfer the team to your client before the 30 days is up, so you should never have to pay for a clients App/Team with your own credit card.


Noted with thanks Darren.

In some cases, the client might want to pay the local currency or not pay with their credit card, if they pay me and I do a wire transfer or pay it with my card to Glide, is that possible?

I guess that’s up to you.
But it’s certainly not something I would do or recommend. The problem with that is you assume ongoing responsibility for the clients payments.

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Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

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