Best way to charge clients?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a few small business wanting simple apps developed.

I’ll be charging them a fee, but as for the glide fee - should I create an organisation for the client and manage billing through there?

Or should I get them to sign up to glide themselves & then copy the app over to their account?

Concerns with orgs:

  • Unnecessary payment of set-up fee, it’s only small but if i can get them to set up the app themselves this makes sense - can the client pay this?
  • Once I’ve paid the set up fee, can i send a payment link to the client or will I need to input their credit card details - this poses a security risk.

I’d rather not ask the client to set up a glide account if i can avoid it because it’s just more hassle for them.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on the requirements of the client. If their app is going to be a pro app anyway, then I highly recommend the client setting up the organization and inviting you as a member to develop it for them. If the client wants a free app, then you can develop it using your own account and then make a copiable upon payment. Not super-ideal because multiple versions of the app will be generated on each iteration, but this is the only way to keep the app free and published at the same time.


@Indigrodigital: this is something that would be useful. I already made a feature request for a different account pricing plan, i.e. agency or white labelling (with method to bill clients from our Glide dashboard).


Definitely need some sort of pricing plan for agencies !

I don’t publish the apps on behalf of the client…I just bill them for development.

Thanks for your help.

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