Ability to add Google Maps with pre-marked pins

So let’s say I’m building an app that is supposed to show every ice cream shop in the country but I’m already aware of the fact that several State associations have already mapped out their locations individually.

I’d like to combine them into one nationwide map and have it appear within Glide Pro.

Any suggestions?

PS. Don’t try the sticky black cone topping.

I’d say you need to obtain a list of all the addresses and input them all into a sheet. I’m not sure if there is a way to scrape the addresses off of an embedded map like you have above, so maybe another source or just asking each association for a list.

Or I could figure out what all of this means and how it might easily apply to my situation. I suspect there is an answer in there somewhere.


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Use a good scraper, I did it once a couple of years ago and boy, it worked so good/fast.

“Please sir, I want some more.”

What form of scraper shall I use to find that useful morsel of info deep within my bowl of Internet gruel? Perhaps just one link to send me on my journey?

Let me take a dive this weekend and see if I can find the scraper I used.

I guess I had heard of these before but never had a need for one until now.

While I do prefer free, if this works as described it would save me a lot of time and effort since it pulls out the coordinates as well as other useful details into a .csv that could instantly become an app. I’ve yet to try it.

http://www.botsol.com/Products/GoogleMapsCrawler lead scraper $50 for one year

I also found this Gsheets add-on to be interesting, especially if Glide could one day colour code pins based on categories as shown.