Glide Apps Map Feature - am I seeing all there is?

I love glideapps but have a feature request for the MAP view. I’ve rebuilt an app that was formerly living on as a reflexive database for a network of 1300 churches. However, their map feature was much more robust. So I’ve given up a bit to move to Glide (as far as maps go). Here are two feature requests:

Feature Request (1) - allow a user to enter an address or zipcode on a map. Currently, there is no way to see what pins are in an area without (a) physically being there so that the map can zoom in based on “location”… or (b) pinching and zooming clumsily all the way down to a general area and hoping you’ve got the right area. If I’m in LA and I want to see whether there are pins/entries located near an address I’ll be visiting in Florida, I can’t put that address in and see on the map what pins are located around that address.

Address searching seems to be a very basic feature of most map searches. Put in an address and see what is there. I would love to find out that I’m missing how to use this but it doesn’t seem like a current feature?

Feature Request (2) - add the map view to glidePages. Since glideapps and glidepages seem so similar and are clearly built off the same chassis… it seems like it would be easy to just add a map view to pages. I was surprised when I didn’t see it. Perhaps Its there and I’m missing it.

Great platform overall, looking forward to seeing it grow and develop.

  • You should be able to have a text entry component which can take in an address or zip code.
  • Then use a single value column to populate that value across all church rows.
  • Then use a distance column to calculate the distance between the church location and the single value location.
  • Then create an IF column that will first check if the single value is empty. If it is, then return ‘true’. Else, if the distance is less than whatever you consider a reasonable distance, then return ‘true’. Else return ‘false’.
  • Then filter your map to only show church’s that have a ‘true’ value.

W.o.w… I did not think to go about it this way. Such a great response. Thank you!.

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Agree, both of these features would be great…search map by entering by location, and then also adding ‘Map’ component to Pages (and ‘Audio’).

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