A shopping list template to be used in multiple calendar events

Hi all,

First, thanks for the team, Glide is so inspirational…

I’m currently stuck with a part of my new prototype. Hopefully someone could point me to a right direction…

It goes like this:

  • App needs 3 different pre-made lists of things. Let’s call them ‘shopping lists’.
  • Shopping lists doesn’t need to be changeable from the app, as their content rarely changes.
  • a) Switch component (or same kind of mechanism) would be provided for the user to mark items off the list: ‘Yes, we have this’
  • b) Or, list could show only items which are left. Once marked, items would be removed/hided.
  • User creates calendar events with various data entries
  • Each event would also have an unique clone of one those shopping lists.

And here comes the problem; how to make it happen, so that

  • When user creates a new event, one of the ‘shopping list templates’ can be attached to that event?
  • And that list will then be unique for that event only? Marking items off that list doesn’t affect other lists of the same type in the other calendar events.

Possible with #nocode ? :slight_smile:

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Hey @Juha!

Yes, from your description it sounds like a lot of it is possible.

For the switch component, you could assign it to each list item and then add a filter on the master list based on the status of that switch:

There’s quite a lot to the rest of your request. Have you considered chatting with a Glide Expert? https://www.glideapps.com/experts

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Thanks! I’ll try around that. As you said, there is still lot, and at least I can’t straight see how this would be extended for unique calendar events. Have to test different options.

I think a solution for this would help building many kind of to-do list apps too, and seems like Ruchika has something similar going on here too: Would this be the right approach for an Audit Checklist app?

I wouldn’t even need any updates on the backend, just visual reminder for the user which items from the list are marked on/off when he opens the event card.

Haven’t considered experts - yet :slight_smile:

I did something like this in https://concepts.glideapp.io under Tasks. It’s a single task list, but multiple users can check them off. It’s still a work in progress as I haven’t figures some things out yet.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. I made my version this way:

  • Three different pre-made lists requirement - > I simplified that one to single list template only, different type of lists / items are separated under three title’s. Not so elegant as I wanted but works in this case.
  • A switch component is shown for each item to mark them done
  • The sheet containing these list items keeps track of the main sheet where new events will be added…
  • …so every new event will get it’s own row on this task list. User can open the list from the event view and then mark items done with switch components. All items are false by default, because it is only an empty row on the task list first.