A real notification using Glide and IoT

Hi people!

Here I bring another tool to make Glide APPs more useful and smarter. Many of us have asked and looked for a solution to have a notification when a form, order or event is sent/received from our APP and some workarounds can be used depending on use case.

In my case, I wanted to have a real notification beyond a phone or PC and turn on/off a display, monitor, alarm siren, etc when an event on my APP is fired and I think I have the solution using IoT technology and Webhooks.
Here is my video to show it:

Every time a new order is received by my APP, a monitor is turned on to notify the good news (sometimes it is more efficient and faster than check out my phone/laptop every 2-3 min).
Then, when I confirm or accept new orders and none left, the monitor/display is turned off and the life goes on happily. I only have to wait 2-3 secs to see how my monitor On/Off, is very fast!

This kind of solution might be useful at restaurants or places where you don’t want to depend on a person (or few) to check an APP and begin a process.

My process flows in this way:

Glide APP
            IoT Device 

I hope you enjoy this new possibility/idea and we can create more useful APPs using IoT technology.

Have a great day.

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haha, very cool! :+1:

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Nice. You should post links and description how it works

Hola @Uzo

To start you need to have an IoT device. I use a Sonoff’s wireless switch to control several things at my house (it is cheap and powerful).

Of course, you can control this by using its own APP (each manufacturer gives an APP to their customers) but if you want to do complex or crazy things like my video shows, you will need to jump to IFTTT or another web service able to work with IoT devices.

You could do this using Samsung, Phillips or Honeywell devices as well.

Once you have arrived to IFTTT, create a Webhook and fire the service associated to your brand IoT device to turn on/off it.

@Santiago_Perez1 already rules his iRobot
(Roomba) vĂ­a Glide APP too, very funny his video.

I hope Santiago uploads that video over here to learn more about it and I don’t feel like a castaway these days :slight_smile:



Here it is:


Saw that on Twitter! It’s awesome, well done!

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I only see a use for this if the device didn’t already come with an app…and that’s very unlikely…It’s clever but how useful to a Glide app would that be? I am unsure…Alexa does this all for us anyways…

Well… can Alexa turn a display on/off if your Glide APP receives an order or event? No!

What if you have several devices from 3-4 different brands and you want to rule them using an only APP?
In this case, you must install 3-4 APPs to get this (a headache) and create a scenario or routine with a mixture of different brands will be impossible.



Very nice. Thanks for sharing brother.


Brilliant @gvalero @Santiago_Perez1 :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hola @Wiz.Wazeer!!

Long time without reading you over here, I hope you are fine.

As you can see, I have my own rocket APPs :rocket: like you :sweat_smile:

If you want to test my biggest rocket (a more complex solution to industrial uses), take a look at it here:
Machine Control · SCADA

Here you can read its instructions Glide with IIot


Take care man!


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I am good my friend @gvalero . I am always watching and tracking your threads! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:@rocket APPS.

I just have one rocket (lol) app to update (I think ) and then I am jumping on the webhook wagon.

UI +++++++

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But again you can embed these PWAs directly into a Glide app…I’m not saying it’s not a cool idea, I’m just saying I looked at the uses and came up with less expensive ways almost immediately after reading. No offense. Just speaking my mind.

Hi again,

Here is my newest video taking the @Purvang_Joshi 's idea to use Google Slides and show real info associated to new received orders on my APP.

Here you can see:

  1. Every new order sent from my APP is shown on TV as a tool to help any personnel to receive and accept incoming orders (at a restaurant, call center, etc). On TV, I show some info about order but I might put more data and other things (orders in queue, stats) if the customer needs it.
  2. I’m using Google Slides to show the Order info on TV and a script to send data from my GS to Slides as soon as a new order is registered.
  3. When all received orders are accepted by administrator and there are no pending, the APP sends a command to my IoT device to turn TV off. Then, if a new order is received again, the APP will send a new command to turn TV ON as a visual notification to personnel (I could use a bell/siren but I liked the TV idea :slightly_smiling_face:).

I hope it can help anyone in future and demonstrate that you can use Glide for this kind of things…