A personal app

I am an elderly Glide addict, who, as a typical male, is master of my house … knowing how reboot the router, re-pressurise our gas boiler, and switch of the mains water, re-set a tripped fuse. I also know how to access our bank accounts and other key online services.

I haven’t bothered my wife with all this, because I am happy doing it…but now must question how she would manage all that if/when I fall off my perch.

It took me less than 1 hr to structure a personal app for my wife, and another hour to post pictures and advice on all these practical things…with buttons that enable her to call the plumber, handyman, builder should she need help.

I now realise that I too could have a “personal app” for myself…displaying news comments and photos in a much more controllable fashion than a FaceBook page.

I think there’s a market for personal apps, but the $60/month Maker cost is too expensive



Which part of this app can’t be built on the Free plan?

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None of course… unless I wanted the app to be on her domain (lesleylodge.com). I think there could be a market for personal apps!!


Always awesome to hear use cases like this. I have seen many of your posts in the community and now the story behind it.