A number of apps cannot load - spinning wheel

Tried opening a number of apps and experienced white screen and spinning wheel which didn’t go away

Force close the app and the app will open but that is hard to explain to the users that this must be done.

It is unclear what causes the problem and how to fix it. Tried opening a large number of older apps and apps which hasn’t been opened in a long time - and they opened just fine

It is not really nice when trying to sell in an app to my company


@david @mark
Is this something that you will fix?

Tried more apps and experienced the same

For example this pro app

How should I explain to my director that you have to force close the app (that he should fund) in order to get it working.

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We’re looking into this.

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Can you please tell us which browser, OS, etc. this happens on? We need to know as much detail as possible.

I could often observe a freeze on launch after new versions of Glide are released, but since updating to iOS 14.5 yesterday, I cannot reproduce the issue.

We are also working on a read-only offline mode for apps, scheduled for release around May 20. This should allow Glide apps to open instantly, without waiting for a network connection, which should make launches much faster, and make Glide updates much smoother.


Happens on iOS 14.4.2, iPhone 11pro

Read-only offline mode is fantastic :crazy_face: - I’m looking at a event app which will need off-line functionality as the internet connectivity is poor.
Wondering how images downloaded once by the app will behave - I think it is a challenge at the moment when images are loaded just when needed as it takes times for images to load. I have earlier on asked for lazy load of images so they are ready when needed (and I know - which images to load when - this is of course a challenge)

I think you are describing is the opposite of lazy loaded images—you want greedily/eagerly loaded images. This is an interesting idea and something we could do… At least for image components with fixed image URLs.

The offline mode should cache images offline.


@david So excited this feature is coming! Question regarding the offline mode. If users make changes with apps while offline, will the app upload once it is back online?

Second question, if users make a change to the same record at the same time offline and then go online at the same time, how are the changes reflected in the app?

@david you have the programming knowledge - I don’t so I expect you’re right :wink:
I just read a bit about the subject (see below link):

If you could do something about how fast the images appear including when scrolling that would make Glide look a lot more professional, I think.

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You will not be able to make changes in apps when offline to start.

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Love faster images!!!

!!! :slight_smile:

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@david the problem persists even with iOS 14.5

Seen on this app:

Yayyyy!!! Can’t wait for this release!