Salve galera, boa tarde!
Meus aplicativos não estão abrindo nenhum o que está acontecendo a plataforma está atualizando ou algo do tipo ou será o que hein?

Same problem here

They keep loading and loading…

I ran your comment through google translate

Save guys, good afternoon!
My apps aren’t opening any what’s happening the platform is updating or something like that or is it what huh?

Yes, I’m having the same issue as well, my app just sits and loads. I’ve submitted a support ticket as well.

I did notice the following in the developer tools.

Epale gente,

We are currently investigating this. We’ll let you know when we have it fixed.

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I’ve been chatting with @Jason on the tweeeter. Got some good info

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I’m having an issue where the frontend of Glide is not synching with Google Sheet. Is this possibly related?

Hola @Eric_Penn

I am not sure.

Please, send a support ticket; Submit a request – Glide

Tudo bem? Você entendi a resposta sobre como concertar sua (e meu) problem? Republicar a app. É problema com a servidor.