A Little Help

It’s getting near total lockdown in the Netherlands. All bars, restaurants, sportsclubs, schools etc are closed. In those days there are people that need help. This is a first draw. My idea is that people use it for villages, neighbourhoods, families, etcetera.


Great idea, and executed well. I love the layout. Would you consider sharing it as a template for local adoption?

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Yeah, that’s the idea!


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Added a one pager :wink:

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Nice - I was on my android, not the desktop. Thanks for the great work.

Hi nice work. Think a bit of a typo needs addressing on this page

“Alreadbeen” should be “already been“?


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@erwblo Great job on this. Very clean interface and simple design with a straight forward Spreadsheet.

I would suggest that instead of using a choice component on the create task form you just use a Columns Component set to pull from the column Task Type. The user has already selected which type of task they want by tapping on the picture so that is available to the form and could be save to the Help Needed sheet in the background same as the email address. It would just be one less thing for them to pick by eliminating the choice component. You could also show the image as a reminder of the task they are asking help on.

That’s great George! I have done it like this before, but I forgot how! This helps a lot! Thanks!

Inspired by you I added a template on top the page so they know even better where they are :wink:


This is amazing! I very much hope to use this as a phone a friend app connecting volunteers with elders who need help during COVID-19. I have no idea how to do it! Hoping to get a Glide expert to help out. Just wanted to say thanks.

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  • Make a copy, then you have your own version
  • Change what you want (categories and stuff)
  • Fill the app with some example data if what’s in it now is not good
  • Distribute the url in your community
  • Put some effort in helping and explaining in the beginning
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@Eric, I would love to connect with you – I’m very much tech challenged here and you def seem to know your stuff. LMK if there is a way to contact you? And if this is bad behavior SORRY and disregard.

Mail me at erwblo@gmail.com and we’ll sort something out! Happy to help.