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Hello all, complete fresher to coding here. Looking to build a basic volunteer matching app (kind of like job portal). volunteers get matched to local community organizations. Could any of you guide me to a ready made template i can use ? thank you

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Hello, happy new year and welcome to Glide’s community forum.

I browsed the templates made a by Glide and the property management template perhaps could work.

Tenants → Volunteers
Properties → Community organizations
Units → Projects per organization

You could try to browse the template gallery further to see if you find a better template.

Before you get started, you might want to doublecheck Glide’s limits on the pricing page to make sure these limits are in line with your project.

Here is the property management template:

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Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks a ton ! This is very helpful. Arigatou



Hello kind souls, just a few follow up questions. (just to remind you, am a complete beginner).I’m looking to get the below features on our app, would be grateful for any guidance/pointers. thank you

  1. I would like to overlay my image with a text or a symbol under some circumstances. something like SoS with a thick red font on top of the image. How can i design this on glide ?
  2. Is it possible to open a page containing just a particular column (say a multiple relation) on clicking a button instead of the entire collection ?
  3. Is there a template i can use for news/activity feed ?

You can try using Cloudinary.

Add a button component or action to an image or title component, and use the Show New Screen or Go to Tab actions.

Have you had a look in the template gallery?

You can have a read on this.

Can you explain more? What do you mean by "containing just a particular column?