A little help with Choice set up please?

New user here having a little trouble setting up Choice data column from sheet. Any help would be very much appreciated! Below is a 2min video of what I’m doing/seeing.



Maybe you were confusing between the “Source” and “Data” fields.

You have to point the “Values” and “Display as” fields to your sheet where you store the options (it’s the “Onboarding survey option” in your sheet). It’s the “Source”.

For the “Data”, it’s where you want to write the choices to, in this case “Hot beverage” column in your “Onboarding survey choices”.

To select the “Hot beverage” column to write the data to, you must point your form to the “Onboarding survey choices” sheet instead of the “Blank” sheet.

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SUCCESS! Thank you so much. I owe you gallons of coffee! :slight_smile: I was confused because when I originally selected the survey choices sheet, the form was populated with all the choices as text entries. After thinking through it again in reading your note, I simply deleted them and then in the form the data source columns were available to record the choice. Thanks a lot! Deena