A list with only one result for every entry of the original list

Hello everyone,

I’d like to have a list (categories for example) that generates from a bigger list with entries that repeat but has to list only one entry for each kind.

Sorry if I’m not explaining in a proper way.

  • ORIGIN LIST: -----------> WANTED LIST:
  •    A                  A
  •    A                  B
  •    B                  C
  •    A                  D
  •    C
  •    D
  •    D

How should I accomplish this? Thanks anyone who will answer.

I think the only way as of now is to use a unique function inside your Sheets.

a function in google sheets?
I’m not a great expert of sheets, thx for the suggestion though

It’s not that difficult…

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 12.25.24 AM

The formula in cell G2 would be =UNIQUE(F2:F)

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Thank you it works.

Can I make a unique column from a column that is in another tab?

Edit: I learned the command query that solved it, I was actually looking for this function for some time, a world of sheets is opening in front of me ^^

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I wrote 2 posts about Query here if you need it.

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Do you know if a query made in the wrong way can break the updating between glide and sheets?

Cause it’s not been working since I made the changes with query and unique

Not sure what your formula is, but I think what you need can be solved simply by a unique function. Usually I do it in another sheet.

If you do have some screenshots then it would be better for us to debug.


from this example of the sheets’ guide I understood how unique works and I should have solved, but I had to move the columns close to each other and in a specific order, which I preferred not to, but it will do for now

This should be all you need in a new sheet tab.


Choose the columns and sheet name as needed.

Oh, I didn’t use the array { } brackets that’s why it didn’t work. Thanks.

EDIT: @Jeff_Hager, the function you wrote makes the unique of the data I give it, what I need is what is show in the screen shot I posted, I need the connected cells of the unique values, the above mentioned screenshot worked perfectly.

Btw, I’m also working on the different questions you asked me in the other post, for now the only one I can tell you is that the entry I was trying to edit was on the bottom of the sheet

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