Group and Store Column Data

Hi Gliders!

I have a column that rounds up gold coins based on what users spends on, and this data is used to calculate the total gold users have remaining.

Issue is, the data is created in a registration form sheet, which I need to reset once in two days, so I don’t use up all rows, but I want this column data to be saved in another sheet, gold spent needs to be group as per user email and total sum spend must come in single row for that user. I can then use that value to calculate users final total gold, rather than from registration form sheet.

I had this problem a while back, what I did is use Query to group and sum current week’s data, then every weekend I use a script to hard-code it into a separate file I use solely for historical data storage purpose.


I wish i knew how to do that :frowning:

Any easier way to do this ?

Hope others can chime in, I can’t think of another way.

Here are my tutorials for Query.

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So…why not have another google sheet that pulls the data from this one at the end of every day and stores it, use this sheet to lookup the information from the other sheet to gather the quantity? You would have the non glide sheet use the IMPORTRANGE function then run a script on a timer at the end of the day that copies that data over so its static and no longer dynamic. That data is summed up so you have a total. Your glide sheet uses same IMPORTRANGE function and pulls total, you just simply use a vlookup that matches names to their gold quantities. now you have infiniti rows and when the sheets are closed and the google servers are handling the load its instantaneous.