A lesson from making 'how to videos'

As you maybe know, most people I help going from idea to product are not technical at all, they don’t know a thing about spreadsheets. I don’t know a lot myself, but more than them :wink:
I recently made 5 videos of how to make (simple) apps like how to build a magazine, a cityguide, a simple crm app, a quiz and a feedback tool. It’s while doing that for a non tech audience you (I) realize things that seem simple for me are the result of lots of hours playing, searching and finding out. So what is simple to me needs a lot of good explaining to others.
What I say is: explaining Glide to others helps me realize I know more than I think :wink:


Same Erwin, explaining things to folks in this forum make me understand a lot more about Glide and can surely use those later without having to dive back into an app to see how a specific thing works.

I applied this same method in uni. Was the monitor of the uni class and spent time writing out specific notes for the class before every exam. That surely helped myself a lot, alongside helping others.


Yeah, explaining to others helps you understand yourself better!

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Same here! Reading about a scenario and thinking about how I’d do it and explaining to others helps me understand Glide better.


Can relate! I didn’t realize how much I knew about Glide until I explained it to my mom!


Same here.

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As a K-12 Teacher, I can attest that getting students to explain a concept to someone else will EXPONENTIALLY increase their own understanding of the topic.

So for all you gliders out there—create explanatory tutorials! It’s a win-win for the community!


I have learnt the most about Glide through tutoring Glide at Apps Without Code and NoScript.
It’s practically impossible for me to think of all the scenarios and use cases that my students bring up to me. This always brings new challenges and requires me to go out of the way and learn more about Glide.
And the best part? Seeing your students in awe when their problems are solved. Such an underrated sense of accomplishment :innocent: