New course, first question: how does a spreadsheet work?

Hi all, started this week with 30 people that want to learn build products. Some choose podcast, a lot choose apps. Glide is the tool of choice of course.
Lesson: there are a more people than you think that don’t know the basics of a spreadsheet. That don’t put the different datafields in different columns, but put all data around a person or company in one column.
I have to start from scratch! :wink:


Good luck :wink:

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It’s important that I keep on saying in this community that there is another world out there, people that don’t party when the TRUNC, ASIN, COS, ROUND & MOD functions are added :wink:


@erwblo Absolutely. Just because we know doesn’t mean everyone else knows.

I used to be a technology coach, helping those not used to using a computer let alone understanding a simple spreadsheet.

Some folks just can’t get their head around it despite time, patience and practice, we are all different and have different skills.

I wish you well.

It is great though when you see people making progress and they get excited when they actually get something to work, makes it all worth while


I helped 300 people so far with different stuff and almost all are happy that they made something or learned something, I never knew that other people helping could make me happy too :wink: As a media maker I’m used to make my own stuff.


@erwblo Good work!

Glide is awesome however you do need a certain level of confidence and competence to be able to make an app.

You never know you could do end up helping someone to become a glide ‘master’


They make 4 apps in 4 weeks and by that they get an idea of what they can do for themselves: a magazine-app, a city-app, a company app (who’s who and works where) and a questionaire app)


@erwblo Brilliant keeping it simple