30 sales

To be honest i hardly check Stripe because I don’t expect any sales. Turns out I already sold 30 apps! Nice surprice!


Your Quiz app being the top-seller?

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I checked the last 20
11 x Quiztime (4.99)
6 x 30 Challenges (4.99)
3 x On Tour (9.99)
And bands can’t tour so on tour doesn’t make much sense now :wink:

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I made a Glide app (duhh) to track sales and breakup.



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Of course you would! :wink:

Does your app update in real time (real-time update between a Google Sheets and a templates dashboard I suspect), or do you need to input the data in GS or a form by hand?

I have to log more details of these sales for my taxes in a Google Sheets document anyway.
I simply read that in my Templates app.

Got it, makes sense :+1

Are these sales in the template store? Or are they downloads of the app for a price? I’ve been following the threads about enabling subscription services in our apps and I think that is something that will be a game changer for all of us when we can do it easily through Stripe.

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These are template sales from the template store.