Best way to sell Apps outside Glide? πŸ’°

Hi, Gliders,

How can I sell my app? I know that I can use the sharing option of only a specific Email address. But, how can I do automation that even if I sleep somebody can go to my website and buy from it my apps.

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Gideon Lahav

Submit it to the Template Store.

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Thanks, David

Hi @Gideon_Lahav_Busines,

I find From the Poolside an elegant approach:

website with blog for content,
landing page to sell app,
sign-out funnel,
app install on phone.

Edit: sign-out funnel --> sales funnel

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sign-out funnel -> ? this is the problem

I meant β€œsales funnel” by the way. Autocorrect typo.

Best to ask @Stephanie_Bonnet :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much

Thanks @nathanaelb. Yes as he described. Sales is via Gumroad. And once someone has signed up I set up an automatic mail sequence using Zapier.


What happens to us from outside the country in this case without stripe?

Hey David a quick question, once I submit my app to Template store, all sheet edits and zapier times and extra rows will be reset for the new buyer as it looks new for him, correct?

That’s right.

Thank you