30 day challenge app

So this is what it might look like if @Robert_Petitto and @JackVaughan 's gamify and conference apps got together and had a very colourful baby :unicorn:


We’ve been running these 30-day "Transform challenges for a while now, and our agents/realtors/customers love them, but we’ve always hated the support, the points calculating, reminding everyone where the webinar links are… hours and hours and hours the list goes on.

So, I’ve never created a glide app before but decided to just take the plunge and dive in because every LMS we used had its flaws when it comes to creating a complex challenge like this.

It’s taken me a while to post this app here it holding my breath for 23 days to see if the app I created was going to stand up to 600 rowdy users, and six hard to manage event sponsors. Some bits aren’t as elegant as they perhaps could be (because I am a beginner) but I feel like it’s not bad for a first attempt!

But touch wood - so far so good - and I’ve just got to say thank you to Bob and Jack for all the tutorials, help, and general awesomeness of Glide.

I now see so much application for this in our business and I am looking forward to creating more.

This one features:
Live Events/Webinars with Add Event
Speaker details
Session details
Sponsor details
Articles (read or listen) + Downloads
Points and handicaps based on experience
Conditional/VIP content
Help through our Podium SMS system (this could be better!)


Congratulations on publishing your app! Honored to have been a part of the process :wink:

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Thank you - particularly for stretching this writers brain into something completely new and fun - and for saving us all that support time =)