3 variable to show specific sheet

Hi, everybody. I find glide fantastic and after several apps I’m trying to raise the bar. I’ve been trying to do something for days, but I can’t do it.

I would like a whole sheet, with several columns with data inside, to be displayed in a tab depending on some preferences that users enter during login.

Let me explain better: when the user registers, fill in a form where at a certain point there are 3 variables with multiple choice [level (A, B, C), distance (A, B, C), path (A, B, C)]. Depending on what the user selects I would like to show, in a specific tab, the training table that corresponds to the previously selected criteria.

Is such a thing possible?

Thank you who will answer!

How would you want the user’s selection to match up to the other sheet. Would Level, Distance, and Path all have to match up to the Level/Distance/Path for each item in the Training table…or would only one of the user’s selections have to match up for that training to show up?

Hey, Jeff, thanks for your answer. I would like the user, during registration, to be able to select his level, the race distance he has to participate in and the type of route.
I was able to do that.
Based on the data entered should display the training plan that matches. For example:

If a user, when registering, selects Beginner level, Sprint distance and Flat route should display Beginner/Sprint/Flat route training plan sheet.

If another user selects Intermediate level, Olympic distance and mixed route, he must view the sheet with Intermediate/Olympic/Mixed training program.

So for all other choices. The variables are therefore these:

LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
DISTANCE: Sprint, Olympic, Ironman70.3, Ironman
ROUTE: Flat, Hill, Mixed

For each combination there will be a sheet with training plan that matches. User should only be able to view what matches his choices.

I hope I’ve made myself clear! :slight_smile:

Thank you

Since it sounds like you are looking for an exact match on all three points, this should be pretty easy, but I would suggest placing all plan combinations in one sheet for simplicity. I say that because the one sheet will be used as a tab and only the relevant matches will be shown based on the user’s preferences.

  • Create a Template column in your User sheet that joins the Level, Distance, and Route column values into one value.
  • Create a Template column in your Plans sheet that joins the Level, Distance, and Route column values into one value.
  • Create a Template column in your Plans sheet that joins the Template column to the Template column in the Users sheet
  • Create a Lookup column in your Plans sheet that uses to Relation to get an array of emails from that matching relation.
  • Use the Lookup column to filter your list by signed in user.

Each user will then only see Plans that match their selections.

If you insist on keeping separate sheets for each plan combination, then you will have to create a relation/lookup combination against each sheet. Then you will need a dummy sheet to display as a tab. The dummy sheet needs at least one heading to be visible in Glide. Then create separate inline lists to display records for each sheet. Only the sheet that matches the user’s preferences should show the inline list.

Or you can do something like show the user sheet tab, filtered by signed in user, then add Link to Screen buttons with visibility set for each button that matches the user’s preferences. Only the proper button will show and that would allow the user to continue to the relevant sheet in the app.

Hi, Jeff.

Thanks for the valuable advice.

I was able to set up the system and add plans on one sheet. I think it’s the easiest solution.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:


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