2 basic questions

Hi, sorry in advance for these two basic questions

1/ In the “User Profile” menu (with “entry” fields added), do you confirm that we cannot include “Unique ID” and “Creation Date” special values?

2/ In my app, in some screens, the “entry” fields are cannot be filled-in while there are attached to a sheet | column… Do you have any clues?

Thanks in advance

  1. Correct, the profile screen is essentially a Details screen with entry fields on it. It’s not an Add/Edit/Form screen, which requires a submit button to commit the changes. Entry components on a detail screen accept the changes in real time, so there is no action to allow you to get any of the special values. What you could consider doing is have duplicates of every column that can be edited. They could be user specific or not, but what you would do is have your entry components fill the duplicated columns. Then have a Save button that would save those entered values to the regular columns. The Save button would allow you to also get the special values. The only thing is it might get tricky to make sure the regular columns and the duplicated columns are synced up at all times. You can usually sync them, through an action, from a button when going to the profile, but if you are using the built in profile screen, I don’t think there is a good way to trigger an action on the way in. As long as the built in profile screen is the only way to edit a profile, then you may be fine. For something like that though, I would probably build my own profile screen that is not accessible from the side menu or a tab. It could only be accessible through a component that allows for an action to prefill the duplicated columns.

  2. If you can’t edit an entry component, that usually means that it’s not attached to any rows. Make sure you don’t have any filters on the screen that are preventing it from attaching to a row. If the components aren’t attached to a row, then there is nothing to edit, so they become grayed out.


Thank you professor @Jeff_Hager !

I think I am back to basics, because I don’t manage to “attach my screen to a row” (knowing that I check ‘filters’ and there are none)…

What I did is:

  • Create a sheet with columns
  • Create the screen
  • Then try to populate it >> here it’s grey…

Thank you in advance

The way I normally work around that is to add a single dummy value anywhere in the first row of the sheet. I see in the video that you tried to do that - but when manually adding new rows to a table in Glide you need to enter the value twice before it sticks. Just one of the quirks of the Data Editor, it seems…


Yeah, there’s definitely a quirk when adding new rows in the data editor, but usually it works for me after the second attempt. I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you after the second try.

Basically, you don’t have an existing row and your sheet is obviously empty. You can’t edit or update a row that doesn’t exist. You need to build in some process either through the Add, Form, or Add Row functions to create the row first. Once a row exists, then you can update the values within that row. A screen that doesn’t have a row to update just won’t give you the ability to update anything and the screen will have everything grayed out.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy and @Jeff_Hager.

In the databuilder, I have entered 10 times various words in several columns, and it still did not work. Then I tried from G-Sheet, and magic, it worked!

Have a nice we and thanks again

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